Flying to Every Single Country in Africa

Awesome! This’ll make my journey easier, I’ll let you know when I’m flying there

Thank you!

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Country #40:
Cameroon 🇨🇲 - ---

Flight Number: Unknown

Route: N’Djamena (FTTJ) - Douala (FKKD)

Aircraft: Camair-Co B737-700 (Generic: Feature Request)

Cameroon is a country in Central Africa, bordered by Nigeria and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Chad to the northeast, the C.A.R. to the east, and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the R.O. Congo to the south. Although Yaoundé is the capital of Cameroon, it’s second largest city in the country after the port city Douala. English and French are the official languages, but more than 250 languages are spoken, making Cameroon one of the world’s most linguistically diverse countries. In fact, Cameroon is often referred to as “Africa in miniature” for its geological and cultural diversity; the nation has beaches, mountains, savannas, rainforests, and even deserts! Cameroon is also known as “the African capital of football”. The national team of Cameroon is one of Africa’s most successful ones.

40 out of 54 countries done.


The amount of generic liveries you have to fly is concerning :(


Yep sadly it is 😓 I think I’ve flown more generic liveries than existing ones in 2021

That’s a nice idea.

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Yes and sadly it’s going to take a while to change. It’s nearly impossible to realistically replicate a flight within Africa.

Finally!! I’ve been waiting for this !🤩 Cameroon, this is amazing. This shows the shortage of African Airlines in Infinite flight. I’d love Camair-co to be added

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Thank you! Cameroon has such a beautiful landscape. I’d also love to see their airline get added

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24 hour poll, which flight should I do next? All flights originate from Douala, Cameroon.

  • Bangui in Central African Republic, ASKY B738
  • Libreville in Gabon, Afrijet ATR72 (Q400 Acting)

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When’s the next flight gonna happen. Guessing your busy.

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Yep I’ve been pretty busy lately, but the next flight is coming soon!

Country #41:
Central African Republic 🇨🇫 - ---

Flight Number: KP34

Route: Douala (FKKD) - Bangui (FFEF)

Aircraft: Asky Airlines B737-800 (Generic: Feature Request)

Located just on the north side of the equator, the Central African Republic is a landlocked country bordered by Cameroon, Chad, the Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Republic of Congo. According to “The New World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness”, C.A.R. , along with Chad and Madagascar, are the countries least affected by light pollution, making C.A.R. popular among stargazers to see the clear sky and even the Milky Way at night. The nation is exceptionally rich in biodiversity, with many rare and endemic species. C.A.R. is also home to 597 identified species of butterflies.

41 out of 54 countries done.


Nice! I see the sunset/sunrise.

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This topic proves why it’s hard to get people to control and fly to and fro African airports. It’s very sad that 70% of your flights were with a generic livery. Maybe you would revisit the challenge sometime in the future when a lot more liveries are available.


What would even be better is if were able to create our own custom liveries for special occasions such as creating a livery (not an irl one) but one that is designed by ourselves that matches the topic.

A Feature topic:


That’s my biggest IF dream 😞

Country #42:
Republic of Congo 🇨🇬 - ---

Flight Number: Unknown

Route: Bangui (FFEF) - Brazzaville (FCBB)

Aircraft: ECAir B757-200

The Republic of Congo, or Congo Republic, commonly referred to as Congo-Brazzaville, is a central African nation bordered by Cameroon and C.A.R. to the north, DR Congo to the east, Angola to the south and Gabon to the west. It’s capital city, Brazzaville, lies across the Congo River from Kinshasa, the capital of neighboring DR Congo. The nation is home to the deepest river in the world, the Congo River. French is the official language, though Lingala and Kituba are spoken along 40 other languages. The nation is home to the Nouabale-Ndoki National Park, the last natural habitat on earth where you can’t identify any type of mankind’s interference and it has remained undisturbed by global changes. This has made the park earn the title of “Last Eden on Earth”.

42 out of 54 countries done.

Country #43:
Gabon 🇬🇦 - ---

Flight Number: Unknown

Route: Brazzaville (FCBB) - Libreville (FOOL)

Aircraft: Afrijet ATR72 (DH8D Acting)

Located in Central Africa, Gabon lies along the Atlantic coast bordering ROC, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea. A nod to Gabon’s centre of slave trading activity, Libreville, meaning free town, is the capital of Gabon, and was founded by freed slaves. French is the official language in Gabon, though 32% of the people speak Fang as a mother tongue. Mask making and ritual face paint are important parts of Gabonese culture, the Gabonese people show their respect for their ancestors by making masks. The nation is home to around 80% of the Gorilla population in Africa.

43 out of 54 countries done.


awesome flying idea! a little late since this was posted. just curios what’s your last flight gonna be?

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My last flight will probably be in two sectors since eSwatini and Lesotho has only one route (Johannesburg).

I am however planning on throwing an event for one of my last flights, which will be a flight between two famous African countries, so stay tuned!