Flying to Every Single Country in Africa

Flying to Every 54 Countries in Africa

Hello everyone, as the title of the topic suggests, starting from today, I will start my adventure to fly on every country on Africa.

Africa is often overlooked here, despite her stunning landscape. I’m hoping that this thread will encourage Infinite Flight pilots to fly on Africa more, as well as learn more about the countries of the continent.

But yeah, 54 countries baby. Here we go!

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Good luck!


Whats your first flight?

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I’ll be starting from my homecountry Sudan (HSPN-HSSK)


noice you should ask @Udeme_Ekpo to join you
I believe he does a lot of flights to africa


Tell me when you’re flying to Nigeria :)

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Country #1:

Sudan 🇸🇩

Flight SD140

Port Sudan (HSPN) - Khartoum (HSSK)

Aircraft: Sudan Airways A320 (Generic: Feature Request)

Starting off with my home country Sudan! Located in north-eastern Africa, Sudan was the largest country in Africa before the secession of South Sudan in 2011. It is now the third largest, after Algeria and Democratic Republic of the Congo. While pyramids are associated with Egypt, its southern neighbour Sudan has between 200 to 255 known pyramids, compared to Egypt’s 138, making Sudan the country with the most pyramids in the world.

1 out of 54 countries done.


I do alot too

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I have been at least 34 or 35 of them islands I think did them all… Probably missing Tunisia 🇹🇳, Algeria 🇩🇿, Mauritania 🇲🇷, Niger 🇳🇪, North and South Sudan, Equatorial Guiné, Mali… And maybe a few more others. The rest I did it


Very nice idea!!! Imo Africa is highly underrated and the main focus is on the big airports like Cape Town, Addis, Nairobi, Cairo, Jo’burg, Lagos and now Accra and Kigali because of 3D buildings…

My favorite African airports by far are Kinshasa N’Djili and Cotonou Cadjehoun 😍


Oh yeah, I do. I fly to my home country Naija 🇳🇬 which is DNMM


I flew to Kigali which is now with 3D buildings, plus Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mauritius Island, Botswana, Algiers, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Seychelles

Country #2:

Libya 🇱🇾

Flight 8U411

Khartoum (HSSK) - Tripoli Mitiga (HLLM)

Aircraft: Afriqiyah A359

And if you were wondering… Yes, Mitiga is still yet to be reworked.

Located in North Africa, Libya has the longest Mediterranean coastline in Africa, and is home to many beautiful beaches. Libya also has a rich Christian history, despite being predominantly muslim. Libya is linked to two important biblical characters, Simon the Cyrene and St. Mark. Simon, who was forced to help Jesus Christ carry his cross was from the Libyan town Cyrene City. Libya is also home to the largest proven oil reserves in Africa.

2 out of 54 countries done.


Good luck mate 😁


Good luck, wish you a good flight. Although a really long one…


Thank you!

Country #3:

Algeria 🇩🇿

Flight AH4607

Tripoli Mitiga (HLLM) - Algiers (DAAG)

Aircraft: Air Algerie B738 (Generic: Feature Request)

One two three, viva l’Algérie! Often referred to as the Country of a Million Martyrs, Algeria is a country located in northern Africa, between Morocco and Tunisia. Algeria is the largest country on the continent, beating out Libya, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and is nearly 5 times the size of Spain. Algeria is also home to some truly incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

3 out of 54 countries done.

Country #4:

Tunisia 🇹🇳

Flight TU375

Algiers (DAAG) - Tunis (DTTA)

Aircraft: Tunisair A319

Tunisia is located in North Africa on the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its location and proximity to essential shipping routes, it was once an influential regional power. Several scenes from the Star Wars movies were actually filmed in Tunisia. The Saharan landscape of southern Tunisia is home to several sets including the village of Tatooine, which was Luke Skywalker’s home planet in the original 1977 movie.

4 out of 54 countries done.


Did you Tunisdelay your flight? 😅

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Yep 😅 Tunislateair style

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