Flying to Every Single Country in Africa, the S&V Topic, Vol I

Flying Into Every Single African Country

The S&V Topic
Vol I.

If you’ve been active on IFC on the last few days, you may have seen this topic on your page. My goal is pretty simple, it is to fly to every single 54 countries in Africa. It is with no doubt that Africa is often overlooked among Infinite Flight players, which is the main reason why I began doing this: to encourage Infinite Flight users to fly on Africa more, as well as learn more about the countries of the continent. This topic includes some of the best shots I took during my adventure.

Without further ado, let’s get into the photos!

Flight 8U411

Khartoum (HSSK) - Tripoli Mitiga (HLLM)

Aircraft: Afriqiyah A359

Flight AH4607

Tripoli Mitiga (HLLM) - Algiers (DAAG)

Aircraft: Air Algerie B738

Flight MS844

Tunis (DTTA) - Cairo (HECA)

Aircraft: Egyptair B738

Flight Number Unknown

Cairo (HECA) - Asmara (HHAS)

Aircraft: Eritrean Airlines B763

Flight Number WB403

Nairobi (HKJK) - Kigali (HRYR)

Aircraft: Rwandair A330

Flight Number KQ406

Djibouti (HDAM) - Nairobi (HKJK)

Aircraft: Kenya Airways B738

  • Afriqiyah A359
  • Air Algerie B738
  • Egyptair B738
  • Eritrean B763
  • Rwandair A330’s
  • Kenya Airways B738

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I would like to thank everyone who have joined me on this adventure, as well as everyone who have been following and supporting the original topic.