Flying to Every Federal Subject in Russia

Flying to every Federal Subject in Russia 🇷🇺

Howdy, Priviet Привет 🪆

Welcome to my take on the quite popular series of topics here on IFC, where members challenge themselves to fly some interesting routes and visit countries that are sometimes underrepresented. I thought why not challenge yourself as well so I decided to fly to every federal subject in the Russian Federation.

There are 85 different Krais, Republics, Oblasts, Autonomous Okrugs and Oblasts in Russia. Those are divided into 8 federal districts and I’ve made it my challenge to visit every single one of them (except very few which lack any scheduled air services or have no active commercial airports)

Let’s get flying!

I’d like to thank @Lotus for the idea to this format!


Awesome! I was thinking about flying to all 50 US States. Good Luck.

Good luck on your challange! Love seeing so many challanges like these lately, glad to be some kind of an inspiration.

Flew to Khabarovsk from Toronto last month and it was pretty beautiful, so I’m sure Russia has some more beautiful scenery in its massive state.


Good luck on this challenge!

I flew from/to and within Russia plenty of times enough to know that it has amazing scenery, enjoy this one! :)

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I’ve actually done quite some flying around Russia already but i needed a new challenge


Very seggsy route!!! I was eying Khabarovsk Edmonton also flown by Nordwind soon


Administrative District #1:

Moscow Oblast

Flight Number: U6806
Route: Budapest Ferenc Liszt (LHBP) 🇭🇺 - Moscow Zhukovsky (Ramenskoye) (UUBW) 🇷🇺
Aircraft: Ural Airlines Airbus A321 (Feature Request)

Surrounding the Russian capital Moscow, the Moscow Oblast (also known as Podmoskovye) is home to around 7,5 million people being the second most populous federal subject in Russia. It is also home to 3 of the four major airports serving the Greater Moscow region; Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and the lesser known Zhukovsky Airport which has one of the longest runways in continental Europe with a total length of 4,600m (15,100ft).

1 out of 85 done ✅


I recommend visiting the following places - Vladivostok (on the Airbus A330), Khabarovsk (on the A359), Petro-Kamchatsky (on the B777). It is better to carry out all flights in Aeroflot Russian Airlines livery, and in areas closer to Moscow it is better to fly with S7, since they have more flights

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Great post!! Good luck with your challenge on the massive Russian landscape.

Although, peninsula of Crimea is not internationally recognized as part of Russia. So please leave that out from challenge - thanks!

Administrative District #2:

Kaliningrad Oblast

Flight Number: U6637
Route: Moscow Zhukovsky (Ramenskoye) (UUBW) 🇷🇺 - Kaliningrad Khrabrovo (UMKK) 🇷🇺
Aircraft: Ural Airlines Airbus A320 (Feature Request)

Kaliningrad Oblast is Russia’s westernmost administrative district and situated at the Baltic coast bordering Poland and Lithuania. It has a population of just under 1 million inhabitants.
Fun Fact: Baltiysk Port in Kaliningrad Oblast is the only Russian Baltic port which is ice-free year round.

2 out of 85 done ✅


Due to recent events I do not find it appropriate to continue the challenge. I’ll request the topic to be closed for now.


🤣🤣 why? I wanna see every Oblast in Russia. This isnt Putins game!!!

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I appreciate your decision :)

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