Flying to every destination from Memmingen Airport [Next leg: LBWN-EDJA]

Ah, sorry, I can’t join but I promise I will tomorrow

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Sure no pressure you only join if you are free and if you want to 🙂

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What is the next flight?

I am currently doing GCTS-EDJA. In a few hours I will announce the flights for next week.

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I am trying to catch you but you are over 100NM away

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Oh is that you? Are you Captain Popescu?

Yup, that’s me

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New Flights to LYBE and LFKC available! 😀

EDJA-LYBE departing in 30 minutes.

EDJA-LFKC departing in 5 minutes.

LFKC-EDJA departing in about 20 minutes

EDJA-LRCL departing in a few minutes (before schedule)

LRCL-EDJA departing in approximately 1:30

LGTS-EDJA departing in 1:40

Taking off in 25

EDJA-LWOH departing in 45 minutes.

LWOH-EDJA departing in 20 minutes.

EDJA-LEMG departing in 40 minutes

LEMG-EDJA departing in 1 hour

New flights available. Destinations: Girona and Varna.
We’ve crossed the halfway line now 🔥

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