Flying to Every Country's Capital!

Flying to Every Country’s Capital

What is the story behind this?

One year ago, in September 2020, me and @AviatorAlex thought about flying to every country of the world, however we decided to spice things up a bit and not just fly to every country, but to every capital. We spinned a wheel containing every country of the world and ended up starting from Chile.

Why are we doing this?

First of all, we are doing this to explore the best of the world. We get bored flying in the same area all the time and we thought this would be a great way to enjoy Infinite Flight more!

How are we planning to do it?

We decided that we are gonna fly in a career way: Departing from the last airport we landed at. Additionally , we will only fly realistic flights in realistic aircraft when this is possible, even if it means doing more legs to reach the destination. We will only fly to countries and NOT overseas territories like Martinique or Turks and Caicos.

What’s gonna happen with the microstates that don’t have an airport?

In their cases, we decided to fly commercially to the closest airport and then take a TBM/XCub and fly around the country’s capital for 30 minutes at low altitude.

  • We don’t have a set schedule of flying. From time to time we might leave a message before we depart so make sure to check this often if you want a chance to join us!
  • All flights are done by both me and @AviatorAlex . We never do the flights alone.
  • After reaching each new destination, either me or Alex is going to post a picture from our flights on this thread.
  • Our full flights map can be seen at MyFlightRadar24

Thanks for your attention!


Flight #108 completed successfully! Today, we flew from Bern to Cluj - a charter flight flown almost exactly a year ago - with Wizzair.

Alexian blasting out of Bern as I enter RWY14.


Why are so many people trying crazy challenges?

This is quite a fun challenge, actually! It brought both me and Alexian to places we probably wouldn’t think of visiting out of the blue, and there’s quite a lot more to come for us

I really like this idea! I don’t know that I’ve seen this before.


@Alexian61 was the myflightradar24 free because I want to set one up for myself?

Yes, myfr24 is free. You just need a Fr24 account.

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Another day, another capital! Today’s flights were from Cluj to Munich on Air Dolomiti’s Embraer E195 (Generic livery), then continuing on to Budapest, Hungary in the Lufthansa A320s.

Old and New side by side at the beautiful Ferenc Liszt airport.


Today we flew from Budapest to Frankfurt with Lufthansa and then to the Moldovan capital of Chișinău with Air Moldova. I decided to take the A319 while Alex went for the A321.

Me turning into my parking stand while Alex is slowing down on the airport’s runway 08:


Congrats on another flight

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Let me know when the next one is that you do today, I’m interested.

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Our next flight is likely to be on Tuesday around 16-17:00z. We’ll fly to Kyiv with UIA’s E190. Let me know if that would work for you!

Great picture but FYI, Frankfurt is not the capital of Germany. It is Berlin.

We know it’s Berlin, and we have already visited it. The way we planned our flights made us fly from Frankfurt to get to Chisinau. We can’t always fly capital to capital, unfortunately. :)

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Oh that’s great! Can I join for a scenic flight with you when you fly over Greece?

We have already visited Athens but if you want to join us on another flight, drop a message here or PM either of us.

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I see a lot of people taking on big challenges, so I wish you good luck!


Enhances the experience! Doing stuff like this is creative and difficult, compared to just doing the same routes in the same aircraft.


Why are there so many challenges like there all over reacting

Ukraine 🇺🇦
Country #79

Today we took off in the evening from Chișinău and headed to Boryspil Airport in Kyiv! We flew on Ukraine International Airlines’ Embraer E190.

Here you can see Alex on short final for 36R at UKBB while I am taxiing to Terminal D: