Flying to every country with SUBWAY

when will this flight be

Ooooooooo sounds good. When?

I was thinking around 2023-01-15T12:00:00Z

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where is it from

Zurich and Geneva (you can go from whichever but Zurich would be a better idea)

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Next country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

See thread: 15JAN23/1200Z - Subway Flight to the UK - LSZH/LSGG-EGLL
Status: Landed

Next country - Morocco 🇲🇦

London Heathrow International Airport (EGLL) - Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (GMMN)

Flight time: 2h 30m
Suggested Aircraft: Royal Air Maroc 737-800, 787-8
Departure: 2023-01-28T03:50:00Z
Status: Landed
Cruising Alt: FL370
Cruise Speed: Mach 0.78-0.85
FPL: Copy from me
Departure Runway: 09R
Landing Runway: 17L
Pax, Fuel, Cargo, VS, etc: Your choice :)

I’m flying every livery in infinite flight with a real life flight that that same livery used, I finished the A339, A330, E190, E175L, all B737s, A220, and I am currently doing all the B777s which is taking a super long time

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I am planning to fly Nordwind 777-200ER next week, if you would like to join

All that without teleporting, and transporting with real life flights as well

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Sure, as long as the flight is used by the registration, which route were you thinking about?

Moscow to Porlamar (I think that most Nordwind 772s are generic so it might be a generic livery)

Mind if I join in sometime?

We must use registration VP-BJG

Of course! Feel free to join anytime you’d like. I am about to takeoff from EGLL, so if you are quick enough you may be able to catch up, but you have to be quick.

Last flight under that livery was UUEE-LTFM 10 months ago

That plane has changed registration so we can do a route that the changed registration plane did.

No need, I can go to Jetphotos and we can operate it as a historic flight

Flight 9424 from Hong Kong to Mexico City via Khabarovsk