Flying to each United Hub!

Hello IFC! I decided to make this post with inspiration from another user’s “Flying to all 50 States” post, I will be flying to each United hub!

We start our journey off at Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR), for a short flight down to Washington Dulles (KIAD) in the 757. From there, we take a 737-800 over to Chicago O’Hare (KORD). After arrival there, we take the longest leg of this trip, from Chicago to George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, Texas (KIAH), in the United 737-900.

Let’s speed this up, a few more to go!

From Houston, we hop on over to Denver with the 777-200ER, then Denver to Los Angeles in the same plane. Finally we jump to San Francisco in the A320.

This is a long journey, let’s make it right!

Starts at 10 AM EST today. (3 min)


Rescheduled for this Saturday @ same time.

Sure I will join! This is on Saturday right?

Except I won’t be able to join the first 2 flights though.

This seems like the exact flights that Jeb brooks did when he flew to all United hubs in a single day

I believe Guam (PGUM) is also a hub!

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Yeeeeeeeessssss dude heck of an idea

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Let’s do this on labor day weekend cause that way we can have more opened time I’m just guessing more people would be available like me because of school and sports

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Don’t forget Guam PGUM!

Yea it is, but in IF. And you get to fly the aircraft. He only was a passenger

You got yourself a deal.

Like Kyle7223 said, this is based off of Jeb Brooks’ video.

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