Flying to CYUL from KCLT in A321 Air Canada

Yesterday, I flown from KCLT to CYUL in Air Canada A321-200 new livery. Hope you enjoy!!!😘😘😘

Servers: Expert Server
Callsign: FREEHK
Display name: Sucker Ales TVG
Time: 9:00 UTC Route: Charlotte Douglas IntI Airport to Montréal–Trudeau International Airport

Spawn in KCLT Gate

Nicely takeoff

Climb to FL320

Nicely landing and taxi with other planes

Airport is more busier than before!!! Welcome to CYUL!!

Sorry for some noise


Hey there these are great photos but you can see the display name which is against the rules make sure to give a read through here

ok i will send it again

Sorry about that


Hope you had a great flight!!

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Yes thanks

And stay safe

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Nice pics but whats with the minecraft looking pics? it looks diffrent compared to something lIke this.

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Hi. The pictures is low quality because my devices isn’t good and I use the lower graphics setting

Because of this problem

My devices is Samsung A8 plus😅😅

My pervious live in this flight

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Woah you recorded the entire flight!! Nice…

All of the photos are taken at max settings, you are taking screenshots instead of using the screenshot feature built into IF in the replays.

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Sorry. I used replay.