Flying to Calgary

Departed at Toronto Pearson Intl Airport. Got a good takeoff on runway 15L

Ascending to 34000 ft

Decent into Calgary

Touch down onto 17L at Calgary

Also got to see Border Aviation and Vlad_Ryzhik’s landing on 17R. They where coming from zurich in the A333.

Got a screenshot of them at there respected gate.

Route: Toronto Pearson CYYZ - Calgary CYYC
Flight time: 4 hours and 21 minutes
Expert Server
Aircarft: 787- 9 with Westjet Livery


Nice pictures! But you have some UI stuff on your screen which is not permissible in this category!
Below is the familiarization thread! Take a look at the rules, and get posted for the next time!


Nice pics.I love the Edelweiss A330-300.Too bad there isn’t A330-900 Edelweiss.

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