Flying To Bogota

I am flying from JFK to BOG in IF and I am not sure which Avianca plane I should use. IRL they use the A320-200 but I am not sure if it can fly 6-7 hours in game. The other option is the 787-8 but Avianca does not use that plane for this route IRL. (I know that the 787s stop at MEX from JFK to BOG but I will not use that route)

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Yes, it can fly for 6-7 hours. Make sure to pack fuel according to or and start at lower altitudes for the cruise. Only go further up when you got lighter to prevent stalling.
To be sure you can reduce PAX and Cargo since the IF physics might not exactly match the real-life A320.

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Thank you so much. I’ll do a step-climb then

@Andres you’ve been summoned.


Usually in peak season, Avianca uses the 787-8 to go to JFK from BOG, since we’re not there yet, as you say, Avianca uses the Airbus A320 and believe it or not, the physics of the Airbus A320 in Infinite Flight allow this flight, since they are quite realistic, I usually set up the plane as follows.

The flight regularly lasts 5:00 hrs. to 6:00 hrs, since its entire distance is approximately 2,364 nm, the performance of the A320 can perfectly make this flight.

In fuel, I usually add 17,500 kg, that allows you to carry a passenger configuration of between 100 to 130 people and between 6,000 to 8,000 kg of cargo, it’s amazing how you can set this plane up.


Just on on another note, the A333 did operate this route, but if you want to fly realistically, you can look at @Andres reply above.


I am so glad. I was a bit confused on using the A320 but now I am of course flying it to BOG

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