Flying to Atlanta tomorrow, should I ask if I can visit the cockpit? Videos have been uploaded

Is this applicable tof Emirates JFK to DXB as well?

Do it at the end of the flight and ask politely! They will probably be willing! Pretty cool of they let you do it!

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ATL is my final destination. I probably have an hour or maybe a bit more till my ride comes.

I guessed he phrased it a little wrongly? Or maybe I interpreted wrongly? I thought he meant to ask which 3 situation would be the best but yea, the one after the flight is always the best… Midflight as everyone said… 9/11… Before flight, well the pilots could most likely be busy :P

If u do take pics/video for us :)

Will do, not sure if i will be able to hear the engines if i sit in the very front of the aircraft :(, but ill try. @NatIsrael972 If i do board the aircraft early and see the captain should i ask if i can visit the cockpit, im still going to ask after the flight is over. But i ask the flight attendant right?

Hahaha you either get the cockpit or the engine :P (Can’t choose both xD)

Maybe you ask him if you can visit the cockpit after the flight… If you’ve made arrangements with the captain before the flight, I think he will get a flight attendant to invite you to the cockpit or something… If however you don’t get to see the captain, do it the usual way, ask the flight attendant to ask the pilot :)

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They gave me a whole tour of the A380 DXB-JFK a few years back.


Nvm it’s delayed


Have a safe flight! Hope you can have a look at the cockpit ;)

Same here but probably not. With the delay im not going to have time

Just arrived

Saw a c130 land. :( was on sc didn’t get to record it

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The leg room is amazing. Wont get to see cockpit the delay is too bad for me and probably for them

More to come later

Guys not only did they let me in the cockpit. The captian explained to me what the things were (I already knew most ;)) then he let me sit in the captians chair and took a picture of me with the headset on and one hand on the yolk and one one hand on the engine throttle. I feel blessed 🙏🏽🙏🏽😂


I spammed my snap chat story. When i get time or back I’ll post what I posted there on here

Look forward to seeing the cockpit pics!!

Glad you got to experience that and glad to hear not everyone is so uptight about security!

I’d ask to do it but it would probably be weird for a guy in his mid 20s. Unless I start booking a bunch of A380 flights and find @Aernout one day.

I will post the cockpit later. Took it in videos so need to edit it a bit. But here is a bit of my exploration

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Nice to have some time to walk around like that and not be rushed. I went through ATL to the Bahamas last weekend where I right now and go back this weekend. Short layover on the way down and have to deal with customs on the way back so not very relaxing (although the islands are relaxing for sure).