Flying to Atlanta tomorrow, should I ask if I can visit the cockpit? Videos have been uploaded

Hi guys I’m flying on a 1 hour flight to Atlanta tomorrow. I’m going to be seated on row 3, on a Boeing 717-200. Do you think I should ask the flight attendent or the captain (if I see he/she board the aircraft) if I can visit the cockpit. I might have some time to kill while at ATL for like an hour so I might just head over to the intl terminal and chill there where the Starbucks is and hopefully plane spot (iPhone 6+). I’m going to be arriving around 5:15pm Thursday. I can head over to any terminal if you have specific requests. And on Sunday I’m going to try to head early and catch a glimpse of the a321 that services from atl-Mco. I’m going to arrive there by around 11am depends when my meeting ends (trainee for a group). My flight leaves around 1:30pm.


It never hurts to try.

But either ask right when you board or once you’re parked at the gate at your destination. It always depends on the pilots and how busy they are/how far they are into their flight planning. And ask the flight attendant to ask the pilot, don’t ask the flight attendant because they’ll most likely say no imo.


Oh yes please do!

But as they all say, after the flight! ;)


Give it a shot, my father once asked to visit the cockpit on a Ryanair 737-800, and my best friend asked to visit the cockpit of an easyJet A319. They both were allowed.


When do you think I should ask?? Before I board,mid flight, after the flight?? Or all 3.
@Damian would like your input tooo :)

That btw is when I’m gonna try to catch the a321 on sunday


I got a chance to see a Lufthansa 737-300 cockpit :)


I’m pretty sure any will do but of course you’ll most likely be allowed after the flight, hopefully the pilots won’t be too busy by then! :)


Your best chance is at the end. They’ll never allow a mid flight. They used to prior to 9/11 and now its strictly forbidden. Your best chance is to stay behind, let others leave, and then politely ask the flight attendant to ask the pilot if he/she could allow you to briefly visit the cockpit.


You probably have the best bet if you are young and ask as you get on the plane. Cockpit is sterile in flight so that won’t happen anymore unfortunately (and definitely not on such a short flight).

Also, your 1 hour in ATL will be more like 10 minutes by the time you deplane and get to your next gate.


So the end it is. Yup I’ll stay behind and ask the flight attendants when the door is open. Also I might ask before the flight if I see the captain boarding. Gonna have priority boarding so best chance to see.

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Info about this from a real pilot.


ATL Is my final destination. So I might have 1 hour to 1hr 30 minutes

I’m 16 and I look pretty young, younger than a 16 yr old

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Though I have never been on a flight before, I watched many ACI series (or if you want to call it Mayday, go ahead) and it just seems so valuable that you can have the cockpit door open so you have a sense of security that the pilots are in control but because of 9/11… ugh!

Theres immense debate about this, but it should be closed in my opinion. Crazy and irrational people are everywhere. If you have 100+ souls on board, why take the risk?

Before 9/11 everything seems so… well, close. not closed, but close…

I saw the Delta A321 a week ago when I had a layover to Newark. Beautiful plane and livery.

There’s no harm in trying. And if you can, take some photos!

Obviously they will say no if you ask mid flight for security precautions. Just use common sense and ask when you feel like is a good time (never mid flight!)

I’ll try to take a picture of your plane. Which side are you going to sit on?

Do not ask all 3 situations. No no no no. You could come across as over-enthusastic/annoying to the crew which isn’t a great plan.

Just go after the flight but don’t take long because you have a short layover

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