Flying to Antarctica

Has anyone ever flown or tried flying to Antarctica? If so, how was the experience?

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I haven’t flown to Antarctica though I know my good friend @PlaneLife2018 did. I would imagine white-out to be a pretty big issue.

That said, I have controlled from Antarctica a couple of times, and it has been somewhat quiet.

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I flew from Ushuaia to Base Marambio in the C130. The flight was pretty nice.

Check This Out:

If you recreate this flight – feel free to share your photos in #screenshots-and-videos. Would love to see them


I literally just watched that 😂 and I thought I’d ask the question here if anyone on IF tried before

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Funny story, I’ve done pattern work at McMurdo Station! I’ve also done ATC at Teniente R. Marsh! Both were really cool experiences, and I definitely recommend! :)

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Elaborating this, my VA has flights to/within Antarctica so I’ve flown there a number of times, mainly to Troll Airfield. It’s probably the only place where I prefer landing at night so the runway lights are available.

Daytime operations are much more challenging, your instruments and experience are your best friends. Good luck!

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It must look like Christmas during nighttime 😃.

No but I want to


What is the airport ICAO they landed at? Im gonna do this in the sim.

I believe according to my research it’s WFR

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Ive flown from christchurch to mcmurdo before. There isnt really much scenery there or elevation. Mt erebus is non existent. Its just a white expanse for miles and miles

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