Flying to and from each state PT.9 Virginia to Vermont!

Hey all! Welcome to another part this time from Virginia to Vermont! I start in KIAD with a lucky break with FNF! So I had ATC until I left the area to Burlington KBTV this flight took around an hour and 10min on expert server.
PT. 8 Flying to and from each state PT.8 West Virginia to Virgina!

Parked at gate 03B overlooking @Liam06 @ghost_panza @Mattyo221 @MikeGibson08 and others, @zion89, and others.

Having a stare down with a 747 while taxing

**lined up on RWY 30 while @Antoine_Bellat takes off

Taking off RWY 30

Cruiseing at 32,000FT

Descending to the airport

On final to RWY 33

Landing on RWY 33

Crossing RWY 19

Parked at the absolute wrong gate

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Thanks for taking a look! will hopefully make one tomorrow!


Great photos, glad to see you’re staying committed to this! Can’t wait for part 10!

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thanks! honestly been tough staying consistent and committed, especially since I had a busy school week…and thanks for sticking around!

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