Flying to and from each state PT. 7 Illinois to West Virginia!

Hey guys welcome to the next part of this series this time we are going from KORD to KCKB in West Virginia mountain mommaaaa take me homeee country roads this flight took about an hour on expert server. PT 6 Flying to and from each state PT. 6 New Hampshire to Illinois!

Parked at gate E4 with @Captain_Cannon in the background

Taxing to RWY 28R

Taking off RWY 28R

Cruiseing at 27,000FT

Decending into the airport

On final RWY 21

Landing on RWY 21


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Hope to make one tomorrow but definitely Monday!


Man, I do not miss the old United livery…


Me neither, flew on it a few times IRL before it was gone.

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Anyways nice photos!

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Was waiting for a comment like this!

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