Flying to and from each state PT. 6 New Hampshire to Illinois!

Hey guys! Welcome to another part! This time from KMHT to KORD in Illinois! This flight was 2 hrs and 15 minutes on expert server. I personally try to not go to big airports in this series and give some love to small regional airports but sometimes I gotta go to a major airport so I can go to all the states. I have a very interesting flight tomorrow so be ready for that! Other than that enjoy the photos!
PT 5 Flying to and from Each State PT. 5 North Carolina to New Hampshire!

Parked at gate 8

Taxing to RWY 35

Taking off RWY 35

Cruiseing at 33,000FT

Decending near @Caleb_H

On Final to RWY 28R

Landing RWY 28R with @Captain_Cannon in the background

Parked at the gate with @Captain_Cannon once again in the background taking off

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Thanks for taking a look at the photos hope to see you tomorrow


nice photos

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Oh no…OH NO…OH NO NO NO…what have you done?

Looks like it was a lovely flight!

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Thanks bro!

Wow I just love landing on these types of RWYs…🤦