Flying to and from Each State PT. 5 North Carolina to New Hampshire!

Hey everyone! Welcome to another part of this series! This time we leave KCLT in North Carolina to KMHT in New Hampshire! This flight was around an hour and 40 min on expert server. And don’t worry the pictures are much better as I didn’t have to worry about wind this time! Anyways enjoy the photos!
Part 4 Delaware-North Carolina

Parked at gate E27

Taxing to RWY 18L

Taking off RWY 18L

Cruiseing at 36,000FT

Decending to KMHT

On Final to RWY 35

A Nice Landing on RWY 35

Taxing to Parking

Parked at a gate

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Thanks for checking out my photos! Be back with another one tomorrow!


I have a question when you reah California will you go to KLAX or KSFo?
Great photos btw

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I will go to which ever airport I can make it too so may not even go to those airports

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