Flying to and from each state PT. 14 Alabama-Texas!

Hey guys! Welcome to another part of my series this time from sweeeeeeet home Alabama KHSV to Texas KDFW! The flight was an hour and 30 min on expert. Enjoy the photos! PT.13: Flying to and from each state PT. 13 DC-Alabama!

Parked at Gate 3

Taking off at RWY 18R

Cruiseing at 37,000FT

Decending into KDFW

On Final RWY 35L

My best A320 landing

Parked next to @Matthew_Fagnant in the old 757 Livery

Which one is your favorite?
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My favourite was your near Tailstrike

Nice pictures :)

Yea Iā€™m not greatest at flying the A320 family,šŸ˜‚


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Great photos! All of them where great!

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Thank you!

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