Flying to and from each state PT. 13 DC-Alabama!

Hey all! Welcome to another part where this time I’m flying from DC to sweeeeeeet home Alabama! this flight was on expert and took an hour and 30 min, I also used once again the infamous CRJ-200. Enjoy the photos!
PT. 12 Flying to and from each state PT.12 Maine to DC!

Parked at gate 44C

Taxing past a 757

Taking off RWY 1

Cruiseing at 37,000FT


On Final RWY 18L


Parked at a gate

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Lovin’ those Appalachians. Great photos!

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I love flying the CRJ200, great shots!

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Thanks! I gotta be more active with it tho.

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Thanks! CRJ is definitly a nice plane, not my favorite tho, but gotta do what you gotta do to keep it realistic!

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