Flying to and from each state PT.12 Maine to DC!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another one this time from Maine to DC at KDCA! I know DC is not a state but I gotta give some love to the nation’s capital… This flight took around an hour on expert server. And believe it or not for the first time in the series I am not using a CRJ! 🎊🎊🎊 anyways enjoy the photos!
PT.11 Flying to and from each state PT.11 Michigan to Maine!

Parked at gate 10

Taxing to RWY 11

Taking off RWY 11

Cruiseing at 32,000FT


On Final RWY 1

Landing RWY 1

Parked at a Gate at DCA

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Thanks for taking a look PT.13 will be up sometime tomorrow!


Good work
The landing is similar to the take off

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I don’t want to split hairs here but you technically flew to Virginia, not DC


Technically u flew to Virginia since thats where DCA is

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Very good observation

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I know I’m just making my life a little bit easier

Like @Tucker_Ryan said but implemented my rules 😉

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