Flying to and from each state! PT. 1 New Jersey to New York!

Hey all! I’m starting a new series flying to and from each and every state! I will only fly from a commercial airport, no GA even for Delaware… anyways I started my journey from my home airport KEWR-KALB in New York. Now IRL flight it’s used with a ERJ-145 so I used the closest thing a CRJ-200! It took around 30 min for me on expert server. Other than that enjoy the photos and keep up with the parts!

Me at gate C 101 in KEWR

Taxing past @aidans_aviationIG and a British Airways 777 to RWY 4L

Taking off RWY 4L

Me cruising at 15,000FT for a few min

On final to RWY 1 at KALB

Buttering on RWY 1

Crossing RWY 8

Just parked at the gate

Thanks for thanking a look at my photos! hope you look at my next part soon!

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Nice photos there!

Can’t wait to see what you do for part 2!

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yup, got some good routes coming up!

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Great photo! I like the 4th one;)

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