Flying to and from CAKE! (CAK3)

Who doesn’t like cake? Well if you like cake this airport is just as sweet! CAK3 or “Cake” as i like to call it is along boundary bay just south of Vancouver and YVR. It’s just a small airfield. Ive actually been here in person, a very cute airport with a beautiful little café to the south end. I decided to fly out to the more interesting places across the lower-mainland.

Plane: C172
Airport: CAK3 - CAK3

Parked at cake.

Take the cake-off!


Capilano lake

Stave lake

Port Coquitlam airport, ive been inside a helicopter there, great GA spotting!!

Short final at CAKE!

Going into the tie-down area!


Amazing pictures!! I’m gonna go fly to cake now :D

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It’s cute!

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I landed a 737 here!! It’s a nice little airport :D

I landed a 747-8

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Where’s my cake :(?

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Here you go 🍰

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Yayyy! I’m happy now 🥰.