Flying to all the Formula 1 2022 tracks Part 1/24 BAHRAIN

Inspired by @BP-Aviation’s Bucket List Challenge, and my passion for Formula 1 which isn’t bigger than my passion for aviation ;) I have decided to visit all the F1 venues flying from my hometown, Barcelona, and go back, only by real-life flights and the aircraft operated there taking in account current events like COVID and flight bans over Ukraine and Russia. I have already decided all the routes and aircraft I will use throughout the challenge and even though the Russian Grand Prix has been cancelled by obvious reasons, I wanted to include it and see how difficult it is to get there. Also, I wanted to add diversity to the return flights to not do always the same, especially on the one stop flights. Finally, since I didn’t want to leave apart Africa, I will fly to a track that was used in Formula One in the 80’s in South Africa, Kayalami, making a total of 24 routes. I hope you like the idea.

This is the first round of the Formula 1 World Championship, the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, so I had to get to Bahrain Int’l Airport and back to Barcelona. Here are all the flight details:

First Flight:

  • Barcelona (LEBL) to Dubai (OMDB)
  • Emirates Boeing 777-300ER
  • Expert Server

Second Flight:

  • Dubai (OMDB) to Bahrain (OBBI)
  • FlyDubai Boeing 737-800
  • Expert Server

Third Flight:

  • Bahrain (OBBI) to Abu Dhabi (OMAA)
  • Etihad Airbus A321-200
  • Expert Server

Fourth Flight:

  • Abu Dhabi (OMAA) to Barcelona (LEBL)
  • Etihad Boeing 787-9 (Generic)
  • Expert Server

Total Flight Time: 14 hours and 15 minutes

Finally, the pictures, enjoy them!

1: I always love taking off from Barcelona

2: Stunning Syrian coastline!

3: Treating gently DXB’s runway 12L

4: Dubai’s man made islands + sunset = 😍

5: Almost night approach at Bahrain, like the F1 Grand Prix!

6: Saying goodbye to the small island nation

7: The Abu Dhabi waters are beautiful

8: The vastness of the Arabian Desert is scary

9: Flying 4000ft above an EasyJet A320 over the Tyrrhenian Sea in Italy

10: Finally back at Barcelona with a superb view of the sun!

Which one was your favourite?

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This was the first one of 24 routes I have planned to do, here is an Excel of all the planned stuff:

All distances are in Kilometers


I really love this idea! I have a similar love for Formula 1, so I really really love this idea! I think the toughest one for you will be the Barcelona Grand Prix! XD You should fly over Barcelona making the shape of the F1 logo cause you are already there!

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I didn’t think about it, it’s a very cool idea, thanks!

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I was REALLY THINKING about doing a series about this… even planned it and scheduled it after my current challenge! It’s a bit different but the same idea.

Really nice pictures! Good luck on your adventure! ✈️🏎️

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probs should have used the ethihad f1 livery for one of the route but nontheless great pics

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I reserved that for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ;)

You should fly to melbourne in the next few days then.

p.s off topic which team/driver do you support

Yep, I am currently doing the Saudi Arabia one, Melbourne is the next one

I am a Red Bull / Verstappen fan

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Have a safe journey to Saudi then!

Oh guess what I found another RB fan today! 😻

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scuderia ferrari fan

lets not get to off topic though


Thank you! I am doing the Cairo-Jeddah leg right now.

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