Flying to airports I have never been to before

Flight info

1 hour
fly Dubai B737
Expert server
Landing VS -90 BUTTER


Awesome pictures! I don’t see too many 737 posts nowadays, and it’s great to see people flying to new destinations!


Great pictures!

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Nice photos!

Sorry Butter Is overused so just say smooth landing and don’t shoot me pls

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Lviv? GOD I’ve never seen someone there, respect from a Ukrainian

@DanyyRude, It’s not Lviv UKLL, this is another airport

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it is also very strange that flight time is 1 hour, @FLIGHT2 are you sure of the accuracy of information?

Yeah I am pretty sure
Let me double check I said the right airport…

Oh, right airport, just put in the wrong flight time (oops)

UKLL is Lviv?

UKLL it’s Lviv

On the last image (landing shot), it doesn’t look like Lviv. This is Lviv satellite imagery:

Well I’ve been to Lviv since my home town is 3 hours driving distance, But that’s Lviv

this picture was definitely not taken in Lviv

It’s always nice to see people flying to airports they’ve never been to before. Exploring new places is walkways fun in IF!

Nice photos too!

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Attention everybody please!

I got the airport wrong and the time wrong
I have the new information, take a look at the topic again, it has the true information!


Alrighty! (Word limit)

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despite this, the photos are cool

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No worries, it’s all good! We all makes mistakes sometimes. 😉

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