Flying Through The Snowy Mountains

Hello IFC 🇨🇦

Hey everyone today I flew at Vancouver, Canada for some pictures with the B777, if you haven’t flown in this area I recommend you going there, scenery is just amazing over there with the mountains and the snow! There was no route for this flight. Also this was on Solo mode!

Time: Afternoon

Aircraft and Livery: B777-300ER Air Canada

Route: No route

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! 🇨🇦


Beautiful shot. I wish you included some more pictures though :(

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Thanks @Z-Tube 👊🏽

I only took this photo for today😅

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Canada’s scenery is so amazing u don’t need many pictures.

@CPT_HILD I asked for more pictures because of how amazing the scenery is 😂

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Oh. Also my comment was a joke as well.

you should write: through not threw

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Oh sorry I didn’t see that 😂 i fixed it.

Very nice shot as usual @Armani_B!

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Lovely Shot Armani!

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Canada never fails to surprise me! Great shots mate.

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Thank you all @Qantas094 @Anshul28 and @Vinne!


I love the Canadian Rockies, and with the old Air Canada livery, they look even better. Awesome photo, Armani!

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What do you mean “as well”?

btw basically.


I definitely like the old livery better in my opinion, looks nicer😂

No, I get that, but I must’ve said something about my a post being a joke if you said it.

Beautiful Photo!

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Happy you like it @MJP_27 🤗

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Nice views! I just have to say I wish they would add the new livery to some of the planes.


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