Flying Through the Path of Isaias! | Palm Beach to LaGuardia | JetBlue A320


Today I departed from the Palm Beach Fly-out @I-am-the-captain-now to LaGuardia! This was my first time flying JetBlue in Infinite Flight! My flight plan, went through the track of Isaias; also encountered Isaias’ remnants in New York!

Let’s dive into more of the details!



Aircraft in use

A320-200 (JetBlue)





Let’s see some pictures!

Group photo! At Palm Beach!

The Florida Coastline is just stunning!

Some snacks are ready to be served!

Finally reaching the famous New York Bay! See if you can spot the Statue of Liberty!🗽

Central Park + JetBlue just makes sense together, right?

After an annoyingly sharp turn onto the LGA Localizer, this view makes up for it!

A nice touchdown into LaGuardia, See if you can spot @I-am-the-captain-now in the back!

A compelling view as I watch @I-am-the-captain-now roll down runway 22!

A final photo at our gates in LaGuardia; nothing can beat that sunrise!

Thank you for viewing my photos from trip to LGA!

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nice photos my friend

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When you didn’t include SouthBest in the poll 😪

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I added it! I knew I forgot one!

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Awesome shots! Twas a great flight!

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We hit 570 kts in an A320 from the tail wind btw 😲


Epic photos! That line up was cool!

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As a person who the storm went to their house this storm was bad no power for 9 hours