Flying through regions and additional regions

Hello can the devs make a bigger box so we can fly from London to Amsterdam without having to fly through France and add Singapore or some other regions in Asia so non pro subscribers can enjoy a region in every continent


This would be great but as we know IF have to make money in some way so these zones are unavailable which entices the aviator to buy the IF pro product. Good Marketing right?


Expanding the box wouldn’t really add any scenery as it is just ocean so maybe they would consider it.

They could at least add one or two extra regions for non pro sub preferred in Asia continent

Yes. Did Singapore used to be a thing. I’m pretty sure it did. Way back in 2016? Or earlier Lol?

Singapore and Kuala Lumpur both used to be regions. If you bought them then they would still be there.

Have they added EGLL region and france? Havent seen FTP map since I got global a while back

The only free regions are California, Chicago, North Carolina, Amsterdam, and Sydney


Singapore was removed not that long ago i think, when the brought the scenery for the rest of the world some regions were of course removed, they expanded the california region to include KSFO-KLAX and more. Yes it’s just water so most of it is the same, but they are paying for it constantly, the bandwidth usage and such, yes there’s not much free space and it’s for good reasons why:)

I purchased them before global and Singapore Kuala Lumpur was a free region that was removed due to HD issues

Wait, how come the england and france region is unlocked??? I only have the germany region…

I think the development team can make global free but keep multiplayer at around $5.99 each month.

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Nope. Running Global scenery is also very costly so that is a reason it is not made for free.


Can’t argue with that

You don’t know the costs, they can, it doesn’t bring extra costs for them, since they already bought the scenery. (I guess). Would make sense to me to give global access to non pro subscribers, since most people buy the pro subscription for multiplayer. On the other hand, it is an extra reason to buy the pro subscription. In the end it is up to IF, but please don’t talk for IF, we don’t know their reasons

So you are saying you know? No. It costs them money as everytime we fly by the scenery, it downloads again. So it costs them money.

May wanna check this out:

The scenery still needs to be distributed, and the Pro subscription also gives you access to any future improvements we make to the scenery. This blog post explains a lot about how this particular topic works:


Not saying I know it, but you don’t know either. You are saying “it is very costly” the fact is you don’t know. Don’t justify a decision from IF with made up facts, let IF respond and don’t think it is this or that, it only leads to false information.

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@DS2001 Maybe PM @anon28254084 to make any tips. This is not a thread to criticize what someone does. (: