Flying through people on the Dallas Fort Worth approach

I’m a little annoyed. Was on the DFW approach (BEREE1 STAR) just now on Expert and was talking to Tower (no Approach frequency active) and not one but TWO people flew through me from behind me, while descending through 18,000 feet. What should be the procedure be in these cases? I know Tower has no vectoring but, well, I’m just confused as to what should’ve been done. As far as I’ve read, right-of-way belongs to me as the aircraft being overtaken.

Hi there!

Sorry to hear this has happened to you. Unfortunately this can sometimes happen when there is not an active controller, some people are determined to not be delayed or don’t like to wait for others.

The best way to handle this without an active controller in the vicinity is to be the better pilot, and move out of their way, such as a quick 360⁰ to let them pass.


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