Flying Things With a Purpose - Visit of LFPI

Hello, IFC!

I hope you’re doing well and having a nice weekend!

This weekend in Europe was the “Days of Heritage”. Basically, every country showed off some of its value, historical wonders, etc.

One of the activities in France was a visit of Issy les Moulineaux heliport. (LFPI). This heliport is (I believe) the oldest in France. It’s an aviation marvel right on the edge of Paris, and since I like aviation… well I booked it… and went…

For this visit, people brought out helicopters that contributed to France in general and served a current or historical purpose.

Here are some pictures I took of the helicopter display and heliport visit!

A Fennec sporting some surveillance equipment landing after a short hop from Velizy.

One of the Gendarmerie’s helis also landing after a flight from Velizy.

A BEAUTIFUL Dauphin at the ramp, not doing much…

A Securite Civile EC145 “Dragon” just chilling. These helicopters are used for rescue missions and medevacs in dangerous/remote situations.

An RTE EC135 also vibing. These helis are used for the maintenance and construction of electrical towers, poles, and lines.

A SAF Helicopteres H125. This aircraft is used to lift construction materials and vehicles up to 1.5 tonnes. It is also used to lift parts of cranes to the top of buildings.

An Alouette 2. Despite not having any more use now, it used to be a miliary helicopter. It is now modified to be flyable without needing legs, as the owner is paraplegic but still wants to fly. He uses his hands and a special modified joystick to keep the heli flying, which I think is pretty neat :)

A Robinson R44 owned by Low Fuel (on youtube). This heli does not serve a purpose other than the creation of Youtube videos.

Another private heli. This time, trying to intimidate me. Uncool.

Last but not least, the cockpit of another Alouette.

Thank you very much for having a look at these pictures!

It was a pleasure to visit the heliport and learn about aviation! I hope some of my fellow Europeans also enjoyed this heritage weekend.

See ya later



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cool pictures :0

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I like the angles and variety! Love the first shot, dead centered. Good work!

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Thank you very much :)


These are some really cool looking helicopters.

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