Flying the world’s 3rd longest route

Background information:

Flight Time: 15:01
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR
Airline: Qatar

This was my second longest flight (by duration) in IF, any suggestions of what ULH flights I should do next?


Loading all 203 passengers at the gate for the flight to Auckland


Farewell Doha!

Sunset over the Indian Ocean

Sunrise over the Great Australian Bite.


Turning onto final for RW23 at NZAA



Unloading at the gate with @Oskar

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Thanks for reading!


what a beautiful livery, qrv for the win.

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I like 6 or 7 the best! I would love to fly this flight in real life! It looks amazing scenery wise.


Thanks! While most of the outbound flight is over water, the inbound flight (AKL-DOH) flies over central Australia, which has some of the best aerial views in the world. (I’m definitely not biased!)

Amazing stuff

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Pan Am flight 50, SFO-LHR (via North Pole), LHR-CPT, CPT-AKL (via south pole) and AKL-SFO

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Thanks, but I’ve already flown this one haha.

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You have? Is it on the IFC?

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No, but I could dig up the screenshots if I went looking.

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If you would, i would give you a place at Pan Am Virtual immediately (if you want)

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I’ll see what I can do. Personally I think the under-representation of classic airliners in IF is criminal, so I enjoy what we have while we still have them.

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Thats why i created Pan Am Virtual!

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