Flying the "Whale" with Lufthansa; San Francisco to Munich [LH459]


I have not flown in a while, as my last flight was on August 5, but I’m back with another flight! A couple of days ago, I flew from San Francisco to Rome via Munich with Lufthansa. They recently switched the aircraft for the flights from Frankfurt and Munich to San Francisco, so I flew the A380 instead of the A340!

The flights were great, and I flew in Premium Economy. For my flight from San Francisco to Munich, I was onboard D-AIMB and D-AIDF for my flight from Munich to Rome! We began our journey on November 1 in the International Terminal, and I’ll be heading back on November 10!

Ground Experience – 10/10

San Francisco is always an amazing airport to visit, especially when there isn’t too much of a rush at the security or check-in. This time, there were almost 15 people waiting in line for check-in, so it was relatively quick (also because we have status with Star Alliance so can go through quickly).

There weren’t many people in line for security either, and the line for United MileagePlus elites was actually longer than the normal line, so we went through the normal security instead! As we arrived a little too early, I saw our aircraft taxi to the gate! It featured the new livery, which I had not flown before, so I was excited! We departed from gate G13 (San Francisco recently renumbered every single gate), but the boarding was a bit chaotic as many passengers had no clue where to go.

D-AIMB, the aircraft that took me to Munich, parked at the gate! Sorry for the bad quality! It was nighttime so not very easy to get a good picture with my phone

The Cabin & Seat – 9/10

The aircraft was only around 9 years old, so I thought the seats would be in pretty good shape, but they sadly weren’t. I was seated in seat 56A, which I definitely recommend if you fly this bird in Premium Economy, largely because of the wing/engine view! Everyone was onboard within around 30 minutes, and we departed on time.

The configuration on Lufthansa’s A380s for the Premium Economy cabin is 2-4-2, which is a standard configuration. The T.V. was pretty responsive, and I had plenty of legroom, so no complaints there! The seat itself could have been a little more comfortable, but it was fine for a 10 1/2 hour flight. The tray table was in the armest, which was nice as it allowed me to get out of my seat during the meal service, and there were 2 windows at my seat.

The Premium Economy Class cabin onboard the Lufthansa A380; Credits

Food & Beverage Service – 8/10

The meal and drink service began almost immediately after we passed 10,000 feet, likely because they’d be serving dinner onboard and it was 11:00 p.m. already! The dinner was pretty good, and I chose the pasta for my main course. They gave us real cutlery, which was a nice touch. The dessert was a cheesecake brownie, and the only problem I had with it was it was too small!

The dinner onboard the flight
The breakfast, however, was not as good as I’d hoped. It was scrambled eggs, which were really bland and did not taste good at all, even with salt and pepper. Overall, it was an okay flight in terms of food and drinks.

Final Thoughts

The A380 is a huge aircraft and one that I always love flying! I would give the flight a 27/30, because of the meal service and the seat. The cabin crew was amazing and really kind, so I’d love to fly with them again!

Cruising at 39,000 feet above the Atlantic (Yes, I know it was a dirty window)

Parked at the gate in Munich after a long flight from San Francisco

My aircraft, D-AIMB, on FlightRadar24 (Picture was taken by Moritz!)


Neither have I. Been over a year since I last flew anywhere. I have flown a lot between 2003-2010, but since then I have only been abroad twice, to Japan more specifically :)

The reason I don’t fly often is that I don’t like tight spaces, and business class isn’t enough to make me feel comfortable, since I do have borderline, minimal claustrophobia… Smal windows are a nightmare for me.

Anyhow, Great Flight Report. Very Fun to read about your experience. I have never flown the A380, only seen it from my airplane’s window. As for the food you got, looks quite average, slightly less tasteful than what I got on my Lufthansa B747 flight to Osaka, but still good, I guess. Though small, the cheesecake brownie is yummy 😋

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the your flight. Looks like you enjoyed, which is the most important part 😊


Wow great trip report @GlobalFlyer1 I hope you had a great time 😀👍🏽👊🏽


Thanks! Hope you had fun in Japan as well!

Thanks! I definitely had a great time!


Thanks, I sure did. Seized the opportunity to fly with their 747-400 before the route was revoked.

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I’ll be flying Lufthansa’s 744 in a couple weeks so be on the lookout for that trip report as well 👀

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Very cool flight review!!!

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Thanks! I hope to make some more in the future!

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Nice review! Wow you are so lucky to fly the A380, I have never.

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Great review! I love seeing what other IFC members are up to :D

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I’m sure you’ll be able to fly it soon!

Thank you!


Great flight review!

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Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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I flew the very tHiCcCCccccCCCCcccCcCCccC A380 before, from Bejing capital to frankfurt (I think

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What do you mean “a while”?

Reading the topic now

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I fly more often than that usually so I said a while but it’s not too long 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Mmmm…that brownie cheesecake looks 😋😋😋

Nice review and good photos!

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Tasted even better! Glad you liked my review!

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Note: Rename whale to super thicc thicc ultra thicc thicco

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Nice review! I’ve been on the Lufthansa A380 too earlier this year(from Frankfurt). I absolutely enjoyed flying in this thing.

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