Flying the SVVA group flight event!

Hey guys and cool friends from Saudia Virtual!

As my second time joining SVVA event, and my first time participate with SVVA members after successfully became an official @Saudia_Virtual_Old pilot, I’d like to show you some great screenshot I took while my whole flight!

I was also in charge of making fpl for our event:

And here are our beautiful screenshots!!:

In the end, I would like to thanks to @Nezuko, the SVVA CEO, for organizing this wonderful event. And and @med_hadi.a @SamB777 @Andres_Godoy @Nezuko for joining the flight with me! >w<



Looks like you hab much fun

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Exactly haha :D

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Such an amazing group flight!

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Wonderful post! I’m delighted that you enjoyed and had fun on this group flight with Saudia Virtual. <3 That’s our focus – to ensure you have a pleasant stay and great moments with us.

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