Flying the Sunny Skies with Allegiant!

Hello IFC!

It’s been a while since I did a #screenshots-and-videos topic, life has been really busy with all the holidays and just things like School and all that stuff. However, I was able to get back to flying on a group flight for ALVA and these pictures are from this group flight, enjoy!

Aircraft: Allegiant A320-200
Callsign: Allegiant 1VA

Sitting on the ground in Grand Rapids getting ready to fly!

Taxiing next to @dereckyared14 towards Runway 35 at GRR

Takeoff from runway 35 at GRR with @Prerb @flyinggoosey @Deltadev13 and @Adrian_K holding in line for departure

Up into the morning skies of Michigan making our turn South

Over Northern Kentucky, passing by @Captain_Cannon

Making our descent and our turn as we get ready to align with runway 02R at BNA

TOGA engaged as a Go-Around occurred due to an unstable approach as well as traffic not clear of the runway yet

Second time around and we had a successful landing on runway 02R!

All of us lined up at the gates in Nashville, including Captain_Cannon who also was heading to Nashville!

One final shot at Nashville Airport as we prepared for our next flights or came on out of the aircraft!

Thanks for taking a look at my photos and I hope you enjoyed!


The fourth photo, the one in the cockpit is absolutely amazing. I also enjoy local traffic photos a lot!


Not to be captain obvious or anything but we used 8R

Fudge, I looked at the old FPL…

Thank you!

Nice. You forgot to include me passing by @flyinggoosey

Killer guys. Great photos. Thinking about it hard. 🤔😂

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@Adrian_K eh, as much as a great shot that would have made, we got to look just a little professional ;)

@Skydriver900 Thank you!


It was tons of fun! Didn’t even know you guys were having the event. Saw you guys while at cruise and It just so happened that I was doing a flight from flint to Nashville at the same time!

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Yeah, we saw you right after we took off from GRR, saw you too we’re flying to BNA and yeah crossing paths with you several times! Thanks for waiting for all of us, fun to see someone outside of the VA with us!

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