Flying the same route I took in real life in IF! (KEF-ORD)

First off credit to @Raketa47 for the idea :)

Date of flights: July 10th 2022 for Irl and July 11th for IF

Plane: United 757-200

Callsign: United 978

Route: Reykjavik -Keflavik INTL Airport (KEF) - Chicago O’hare INTL Airport (ORD)

Parked at gate 12 at Keflavik


Cursing over northern Canada (I apologize this is not an exact replica because I took a slightly different flight path on IF)

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo on landing IRL so I apologize but I hope you enjoyed anyways!

You can find a video of the IRL takeoff linked here: United 757-200 | Takeoff from Reykjavík - YouTube


Wow! They look really identical. Nice photos!

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Wow nice pictures, you’ve gotten the angel spot on.

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757 is beautiful! I hope I get to visit Iceland one day

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United and Icelandair use the same aircraft for the route which is a cool coincidence

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Thanks so much I did my best

Yep one of my favorite aircraft. And Iceland is beautiful!

Really cool! It’s interesting when people a fly route that they have flown irl

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Love the RB211 sound

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