Flying the reworked 777F from Everett to Los Angeles

I am so happy to be able to enjoy all the new features of the 20.2 open beta and I couldn’t wait to record and share a timelapse using the new interior drone cam system. This is like dream come true to me as this kind of videos where the angle can change anytime are my favourite.
There will be more to come for sure and hopefully every player will get their hands on this update asap.

I departed from PAE with the fictional 4U-MAN, a newly acquired 777F of the UN aimed at transporting large amounts of fret to places in need. The payload was just above 10T so it transformed the giant 777 into a glider…
The descent into LAX is amazing under the vivid sunlight!

Fly safe and see you later 😎🤙


Nice! The 77F is a pretty cool aircraft and I can’t wait to fly it. I missed the open beta codes. I’m confused though, why and how do u manage to fly in the 1st officers seat!?! Great and cool video 😎

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You can fly wherever you want with the drone cam 😉

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Oh the drone cam! I forgot about wanting to use that 😂. Now I’m even more sad I missed the codes.

Anyway I thought u might be using the set camera angle of 1st officer but doesn’t matter. I’m just too used to the captains seat the when I sit in the co captains position, it doesn’t feel right and I dont have the confidence to land in that view

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Why? Because it’s more realistic, there are more F/Os than Captains running around. I got used to it with the A320 rework and used it since.

Basically when live cockpit came in liners I had to learn it all again anyway so I thought I’d go for the right seat.