Flying the queen of the skies at night

Hello IFC. I’m back posting some pictures. So for my tonight’s flight, I chose to fly the 747-200. It was a pretty calm flight. I usually don’t use the 747 that much so I wanted to fly something a bit different. So that’s why I did the 747. I was able to get some pretty good pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

Aircraft: Boeing 747-200/Iberia Livery

Route: VFR

Time: 3 hours and 11 minutes

Sever: Expert

So to start off, I spawned in at LEMD. While at the gate, spotted a community member. Hello to @Altaria55. Hope you had a good flight :)

So with pushback clearance, I taxied to the active runway, I also have to mention it was a short taxi. Then with takeoff clearance, I caught 2 aircraft holding short and a view of the moon

After a good takeoff, I went to my cruising altitude of 37,000ft. I was heading straight for the mountains to the north of Italy. Not as big as the mountains in Nepal but I still enjoyed seeing it regardless of how big they were. Got some views of the mountains as well as another moonshot.

So since I was heading east, time begins to change the farther I go. So the sun started to rise from the horizon which I thought was very nice to see. I was also able to get one final moonshot of the flight.

( So the reason why I didn’t post any images lately is because I thought the community was starting to not like my photos. So I just took a break from doing it. It kinda put me a bit down but I got over it. Anyway I hope u enjoyed my photos)


I have been spotted

When was this? I did two flights today. One was at around 1:30 CST and the other was at 7:00 CST.

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You’re pictures are GREAT, as a new member to the IFC app m sad to hear of this past story, but anyway I liked bot of the moonshots, mane next time you could add a pic of the landing. But long story short, great photos, keep up the good work.

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I think it was the one at 7:00

The 747 is so hard to fly, good job and lovely pictures!


not for me i think its still cool to fly even though it needs a rework anyway @ViperSlam good pictures!


Ah. In that case, I did have a good flight.

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