Flying The Queen Between Calgary and Amsterdam

Hello! Welcome onboard the flight between Calgary and Amsterdam Schiphol. The aircraft we are using today is a Boeing 747-400, which KLM retired in 2020, but fortunately we can fly it here, virtually!

Route: Calgary (CYYC) to Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Flight time: 7 hours 52 Minutes
Server: Expert

Ready for pushback!

Taxiing to Runway 35L


Flying over Northeast Canada

Descending to Amsterdam

Fairly smooth landing

Parked to Pier E


That’s a beautiful shot


Thank you very much!

Always nice to see the Queen getting love

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I just calculated that I have flown 300+ hours on the 747-400. Overall I have flown 470 hours in IF😂 tell’s something about me

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