Flying the new 787s - Just curious

Just curious about the experiences others have had flying the new 787s. Two things I notice is 1. the nose pitches up no matter what I do to the trim. In other planes I would use speed to level the nose. 2. I noticed the plane has a warning system that will not allow you to go over 350kts. If you are at 350kts in turbulence and go over, the alarm goes off. I have adjusted my flying not to go over 300kts.

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I found it to be lighter on the controls than the 777.
Regarding the nose up pitch during flight, every aircraft pitches up some degrees in flight.


I saw something in the update description about speed limitations, might have something to do with your issue. Definitely worth checking out!

Agreed and I find the 777 autopilot to behave unpredictably especially in heavy wind

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