Flying the ILS

How does one now fly an ILS in the new update? I can not enable approach mode and know how to change it to ILS and I’m flying the A350?


When you are within 27nm of the airport.

  1. Click the airport to show more information
  2. Go to runways
  3. Click the runway that you’d like to land on. If it doesn’t have an ILS frequency then you won’t be able to use auto land because that’s the only approach that supports auto land.
  4. Click “Set NAV 1” (or NAV 2, doesn’t matter)
  5. Click NAV
  6. Set the NAV source to NAV 1
  7. Make sure the radial matches runway heading, it should do that automatically
  8. Click APP ON (assuming you have the AP on ;))
  9. Click APPR NAV
  10. Click APPR when you’d like to activate auto land.

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