Flying the Hudson River

What’s up people. I still exist!

Yesterday I took my father out for a flight down the Hudson River. The original plan was to head down to Block Island but the airport restaurant was closed so we made the best of the situation. This was the first time I’d ever flown the Hudson River with my PPL (without an instructor), and everybody told me it was super difficult. It was not.

It’s just ATC comms. Call approach, get a clearance into the bravo, bam. You’re then switched over to KLGA TWR and KEWR TWR, then turn around and go back north. Pretty straight forward stuff.

Here are the photos.

Spot LGA in the distance?

Over the Hudson. Yes I use a north oriented map.

Midtown (See MSG? Let’s go Rangers!!)

Circling the statue

Passing the World Trade Center

Empire State Building

Thanks for checking these out. I stole the photos from the right wing from my father because well I was kinda flying.

Enjoy. Let me know if you have any questions.


Noice pictures!

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Cool pics! Shoulda pulled off a Sully landing while flying the Hudson :)


New York looks rather nice when it’s covered in snow, nice pictures!


Pretty happy I moved away before snowfall came, Great Shots of my old hometown. Totally miss it except for the weather.

That’s awesome! Kinda crazy that they allow people to just fly right up on the buildings! Really awesome! Were there altitude restrictions?

North Up 🤮

Great photos though

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That skyline looks so much cooler from the sky. Awesome pics!

Is this you?


Below 1300 feet is an SATR where a ton of helicopters sit with no ATC help, basically a death wish. I requested 1500 and ATC cleared me into the bravo at 1500 which basically means stay at that altitude. I was climbed to 2000 past the GWB and then sent back down to 1500 before the statue.

That certainly was me!


😂 not going down to 1300 was probably smart for you. That’s awesome! Might be pretty cool to be that close.

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WOW! Great photos! I live in the NYC area and I listen to ATC comms very frequently with EWR TWR being 127.85 and LGA TWR being 126.05, and Hudson River Unicom being 123.05.

Nicely Done!


Omg! One of my ultimate favorites!!! 😍 These pictures are stunning! If you’re ever down to fly again in the New York area, feel free to hit me up!

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Woah those pics are amazing. Maybe I was in one of them. One of the pictures even includes my school!!!

Oh so that’s who I saw flying over the Hudson! Saw your aircraft from the west side highway not long ago (more specifically, from the deck of the Intrepid), I didn’t know it was a fellow IFC member, what a coincidence! Couldn’t find you ont flightradar24 though because I didn’t have my phone…


Yo he lives!

Awesome pictures! I can’t wait to have my PPL and explore awesome stuff.

Nice photos be careful for a wild @Marina


Very Good flyover on the Hudson River!

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Yup, those sound familiar enough. Initial clearance for me is given on NY APP on 120.8 if you’re curious.

Oh thanks :)