Flying the French BabyBus from the city of Lights to a circling approach in the heart of the Alps

So tonight I decided to order myself a pizza for dinner, however when I called they said it would take around an hour for the pizza to arrive because they were very busy. I thought of what I could do while I waited and I decided to try out the circling approach into Innsbruck. This approach isn’t known by many people as it isn’t included in the in-game procedures. I will link the charts in the bottom of my post. Anyway, I was thinking of places to fly from and I decided to go from Paris because I could fly the BabyBus and it wasn’t too long. My friend @ZinZowe also joined me on this flight and flight time was 1 hour and 6 minutes at a cruising altitude of 35000ft.

Blasting out of CDG mega-hub as a company A380 prepares for it’s long haul.

Turning towards the east while we get great views of the city center!

We experienced strong turbulences during cruise due to a storm which came from the UK.

Zürich, Switzerland

Descending over the Alps!

Flying over the city of Innsbruck

Lowering the gear as we turn right crosswind for runway 08!

On downwind

Touchdown with a VS of -139fpm (my best landing VS to date!)

Parked at the stand with beautiful mountains in the background!

Approach charts

Here you can find the charts for the circling approach into Innsbruck:


When I had the temptation to land on 08L…
We were like leaves in the rocky cruise lol

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Gotta love the views in the Alps!

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Cool photos!
I couldn’t imagine that approach in the 757 IRL

What a beautiful post :)

Paris is very realistic man! beautiful photos :)

Love the photos and the story you told. Keep it up !!



Very beautiful picture.

Thank you all. I highly recommend trying out the approach. It’s amazing and so fun to do!

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