Flying the Flight route, that doesn’t exist in IRL! Dhaka, Bangladesh (VGHS) To Islamabad, Pakistan (OPIS)

This flight route, Dhaka, Bangladesh 🇧🇩 (VGHS) to Islamabad, Pakistan 🇵🇰 (OPIS) is selected as a part of my flight journey from Toronto to Dhaka and back, with Air Canada Boeing 777-200 LR Charter.

Flight Path: Dhaka (VGHS) to Islamabad (OPIS)
Flight time: 6:30 AM local Dhaka time
Flight Duration: 3 hours 5 mins
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 LR Air Canada
Server: Expert

View of Dhaka Airport trough heavy haze, during climbing phase

Sun is about to rise

View of Dhaka airport with Sunrise

View of beautiful sunrise over Foggy Dhaka City

View of Islamabad Airport during Approach

Heavy Foggy again…

Landing at Islamabad OPIS

Bonus: At Islamabad, after 30 mins break, I flew again and already at Dubai, and this ATC tower is nice. 😊


Are u Bangladeshi by any chance?

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In IRL translates to In in real life, just saying

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Yes 😎🇧🇩
And you too?

Finally a Bangladeshi in IF. Wass up brotha

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U wanna do a flight out of Dhaka? Maybe to dubai (I believe emirates flies to Dhaka)

Yeah, there’s a lot of Bangladeshi here 🙂
Two of them are advocating for Biman livery!

Would love to. But I am busy with my work, sorry 🥲

No problem

Nicep pictures mate! Love AC

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