Flying the entire Dutch border... by hand

Hello there

Today I went for a trip around The Netherlands, and if I say around, I really mean ´around´


Route Information:
Flight Time: 3 hours and 12 minutes
Aircraft: Daher TBM930

Take off from EHWO, flying westbound

The beautiful fields and rivers plus a part of the so called ´Deltaworks´. These dams are build to keep The Netherlands from flooding

Flying over the beautiful harbor of Rotterdam. This is Europe´s largest container-ship harbor and the gateway for ships going into Europe via River Rhine

The Island of Texel is the biggest island in The Netherlands and is part of the so called ´Waddeneilanden´ splitting the Waddensea in the south with the Northsea in the north

In the distance we can see Amsterdam. This channel was the old gateway to the harbour of Amsterdam before the channel going directly to the Northsea was build

This is the so called ´Afsluitdijk´. It is a 32 kilometer (20mi) dam with a road on top to make the former ´Zuiderzee´ into the ´Ijsselmeer´. You can clearly see the color difference between the sweet water on the left and the salt water on the right

This is the point where the Waddensee, the German border, and the Dutch border meet. It has some beautiful flat landscapes

Apart it being a very blurry image, I had to include it. This is the so called ´Drie-Landen-Punt´ or ´Three-Country-Point´ in English. Here Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet each other. At the same place is also the highest point in The Netherlands with 322 meters above sea level

After 3 hours and 12 minutes of hand flying the border, I safely touched down in Woensdrecht

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Thank you for seeing my photo´s. All feedback is welcome as this is my first #screenshots-and-videos topic. Thank you!


This looks like an incredible journey!

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Thank you very much. It indeed was. I really enjoyed it

Beautiful trip, great country! Well done!

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Thanks a lot

Perfectly done.

Thank you!

Wow! I thought I hand flew a lot. Great pictures and great job!

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Great one mate! Lovin em, especially at 6:50am eating a toastie

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Wow, nice ones Emiel.

I often fly VFR around The Netherlands too, not what you’ve done though haha

Been there and put one of my legs in The Netherlands, my other one in Belgium and my arm in Germany, it was so cool!

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Hold on, you didn’t go to Texel and the other islands 😔

Nice pics of Holland, expecting a full report of hand flying the Russian border by next week 😏


Haha I had to choose between the islands or the Ijsselsmeer. Went for the last option. I did have the islands in sight though

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Haha was already joking about that one. Who knows one day🙄

Not enough fuel? IJsselmeer is also quite nice though :)

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Enjoy your toast!

Nah fuel wouldnt have been the issue I think. Got 30% left at the end. Time was more the thing

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Haha, understood. 3 hours at the screen is more than enough 😬

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That must of took a ton of Effort. Great pictures!

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Yeah it was very cool
(Wow ur the 3th rickroll on this thread lol)

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