Flying The DC-10 | Casual Server

I flew British Airways’ DC-10 from Tel Aviv to London Heathrow. I thought I was on Training, but when I was on approach, I realized I was on Casual. Anyway, here’s some photos.


Time: 5 hours, 5 minutes
Aircraft: British Airways DC-10
Route: Ben Gurion (LLBG) - Heathrow (EGLL)
Server: Casual 😦

At the gate in Tel Aviv preparing for the flight ahead.

Departed from Ben Gurion!

Cruising at FL340, somewhere over the Balkans.

Descending into London, as a C130 flies close to me. This is when I realized I was on casual.

Turning into final!

Landed! And…

At this point, I didn’t care to go around. I was on casual anyway.

Arrived at the gate in London Heathrow!


It was at this moment he knew…

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2nd picture is the best…!

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Great pictures, Love the 3rd one!!!

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Hey those are pretty great! Loved the second one!

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My favorite place 😍

I guess that’s a little biased. Hope you had a create flight!