Flying The Dash; Saw you! 350kts & 350AGL; I don't think so!

MaxSez; Been flying the Dash-8 exclusively since it rolled off the line. It’s a cranky lady if you let it get ahead of you. I’m amazed at the out of envelope and abuse these aircraft are receiving at the hand of those who kick the tire, light the fire an launch it with out considering its purpose for living, check the radar plot if your a non-believer! The Dash-8 series are designed as “Short Haulers and a low cost Regional Feeder”. They are not designed for supersonic or high altitude flight. (If you watch the plot you’ll see our Dashes Motoring along at 300AGL and 300+Kt’s sometimes. Let’s keep it real! Here are the Vmo’s and manufacturer/Air Worthy recommended perimeters again;
Airspeed Limits – V Speeds: (IAS)
Vmo – Maximum Operating Speed:
Altitude (Up to) Knots MPH - Miles Per Hour
0 to 8,000 Feet 245 282
10,000 Feet 282 325
18,000 Feet 286 329
20,000 Feet 275 316
25,000 Feet 248 285
Vfe - Flaps Extended Speeds:
Flaps Knots MPH - Miles Per Hour
Flaps 5° 200 230
Flaps 10° 181 208
Flaps 15° 172 198
Flaps 35° 158 182
VA Maneuvering: 204 Knots, 235 mph
VLO - Landing Gear Operation Speed: 200 Knots, 230 mph
VLE - Landing Gear Extended: 215 Knots, 247 mp
VB Rough Air: 210 Knots, 242 mph
Landing Gear Door Open Operative Speed (Maximum Speed for operation following an alternate landing gear extension): 185 Knots, 213.
(MadMax Sez: Next time we’ll talk about the unique “Spoiler System” employed on this bird and how to use it. Fly it safe and “For Real” if you want to sore with the IF Eagles)

(Here’s my typical Dash Flight Plan: “B” Hub or satellite fld , Regional, Regional, Regional Fld (T&G) recover Departure Fld. Cruise 080 or 081AGl, 235Kts cruise)


Bring it on ;)

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Nice post! The Dash has reduced the number of nimrods who fly on advanced at 650kts+ because thankfully the dash gets uncontrollable at around 400kts IAS (I found this from solo mode tests, not online flying). It would be nice to see realistic cruise speeds rather than rushing from A to B.


500kts in a Dash 8
600kts in a A320
700-800kts in a A380

Daily business on Advanced. Great piloting! Love to handle such traffic!


Harrison sez, what’s the IF Eagles???

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@hmkane… Max Sez: An “IF Eagle” is an “Aviator”! Look it up!

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MaxSez: @LSZH34 What? No context, I don’t get the point! What are you trying to convey?

This topic is about unrealistic speeds, isn’t it?

everyone over 500-800 kts keep the throttle to 100%