Flying the Chicago Cubs!

Hello all! In this project that I am doing, I will be flying the Chicago Cubs baseball team, to every single one of their road games, and back home. This is where I will be leaving updates, when and where I will be flying to, and I will try to make this as realistic as possible!

More about the team:

About the Quest

My main goal for this quest is to fly all of their routes from and to home games. While yes, this is not related to Infinite Flight, but I wanted to combine 2 of my interests into one!
For example, if the Cubs previously played at home in Chicago, and their next game is in San Fransisco, I would be flying ORD-SFO. The airline they fly is United Airlines, but the aircraft type varies. Usually, the main aircraft they take is a 737-900.
Not much to say other than that., but here is my flight information below:


Routes and Aircraft types are subject to change.
Departures and arrivals will not match with the real flights.
Cubs take a bus when on the road vs the Milwaukee Brewers, and Chicago White Sox.

Route Aircraft Type Date of Flight Status
KPIT-KORD 737-900 April 11th Cancelled
KORD-KATL 737-900 April 25th Estimated
KATL-KCVG 737-900 April 29th Estimated
KCVG-KORD 737-900 May 2nd Estimated
KORD-KCLE 737-900 May 10th Estimated
KCLE-KDTW 737-900 May 13th Estimated
KDTW-KORD 737-900 May 16th Estimated
KORD-KSTL 737-900 May 21st Estimated
KSTL-KPIT 737-900 May 24th Estimated
KPIT-KORD 737-900 May 27th Estimated
KORD-KSFO 777-200 June 2nd Estimated
KSFO-KSAN 777-200 June 6th Estimated
KSAN-KORD 777-200 June 10th Estimated
KORD-KLGA 737-900 June 13th Estimated
KLGA-KORD 737-900 June 17th Estimated
KORD-KLAX 777-200 June 23rd Estimated
KLAX-KORD 777-200 June 27th Estimated
KORD-KCVG 737-900 July 1st Estimated
KCVG-KORD 737-900 July 4th Estimated
KORD-KDEN 737-900 July 11th Estimated
KDEN-KPHX 737-900 July 15th Estimated
KPHX-KSTL 737-900 July 18th Estimated
KSTL-KORD 737-900 July 22nd Estimated
KORD-KDCA 737-900 July 29th Estimated
KDCA-KDEN 737-900 August 2nd Estimated
KDEN-KORD 737-900 August 5th Estimated
KORD-KMIA 737-900 August 12th Estimated
KMIA-KCVG 737-900 August 15th Estimated
KCVG-KORD 737-900 August 19th Estimated
KORD-KMSP 737-900 August 30th Estimated
KMSP-KORD 737-900 September 1st Estimated
KORD-KPHL 737-900 September 13th Estimated
KPHL-KORD 737-900 September 16th Estimated
KORD-KPIT 737-900 September 27th Estimated
KPIT-KSTL 737-900 September 30th Estimated

Future flights may happen due to the playoffs.

No, this is not something to reserve for. This is just me sharing what flights I will be doing in this quest. However, you may join the flight if you want.

Times in Zulu will be announced 24 hours before the flight if possible.
Status will either show as Estimated, Confirmed, Departure time in Zulu, Flying (with live flight link), Landed, or Cancelled.

I hope you enjoyed my topic, and look to maybe join me in flying this in the future!

I am not, nor this topic in any way is sponsored by the MLB, Chicago Cubs, Infinite Flight or any other franchises.




November bound 👀

White Sox > Cubs 🤪

Anyways, good luck on this, unique idea!

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Why don’t you use the A318ACJ
don’t tell me Boeing > Airbus

oh yeah, since that’s Misha’s private jet

Because that’s the jet the Chicago Cubs take for transportation on road games.

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Good luck on your journey!

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The first flight of the journey happens tonight at 2021-04-12T00:30:00Z

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