Flying the Billionaires

Hello IFC

I am running out of ideas so here is a very cool flight

We had some very special passengers on board this private flight. Bill Gates, Elon Muck, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg were the special guests! Soooo they all needed a flight from Seattle to Manaus and i flew them in the Boeing BBJ 737

Bill Gates needed to go to Manaus for a Microsoft event, Elon Musk wanted to launch rockets there, Jeff Bezos wanted to visit the Amazon and Mark Zuckerberg did some programming with Bill Gates.

We took off from Paine Field airport (We wanted to watch a B777x take off and land first) and flew over some mountains and jungles.


Server: Expert
Flight time: 9hrs 37mins
Route: KPAE to SBEG
Cruising altitude: FL330 → FL350 → FL370 → FL390
Livery: BBJ Grey and Black

Parked at the Gate with this shiny, very expensive plane (cheap for them)

Blasting out of Paine field 

Climbing over mountains while the Billionaires drink some wine 

Cruising over Texas

Flying over the Bahamas while Elon Musk plans his launch to Mars

Cruising over the Caribbean Sea

Somewhere in South America

Final runway 11

A butter landing, i hope i get a bonus for it

Parked at the Gate with a limousine waiting for them, * cries in poor *

I hope they enjoyed the flight


I hope you enjoyed the photos!


Wonderful pictures, but I’m 99% sure you’d never find any of these 4 passengers in the same aircraft…

A because they all have enough money for their own jets, and B because I’m pretty sure none of them like eachother…


No pressure but the back of your plane is worth about as much as Sweden so don’t crash 😂


Well this is my story so they all are in the same plane 😂


It was safe flight!

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A350ACJ: Am I expensive to you?
747BBJ enters the chat
Anyway beautiful pics!


The BBJ is really nice to fly, but can you imagine an actual corporate/business jet? 🤤

Great shots! 👍🏼


I didn’t know the 777X had been added to IF. Let me go check it out now.

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@IF_International A380 ‘flying palace’ enters the chat. Thank you!

@Lavoe787 Thank you so much!

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It’s because you’re spending money on a flight sim.

Lol, amazing photos!

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you’re right 😂

Thank you!

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Nope, private helicopter. One for each of them.

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At least it’s worth every penny.


crying intensifies

Annnnddddddddd… beautiful

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Beautiful pictures 🤩 Seeing pics like this makes me want to step up my editing game (even though I probably won’t 😂)


Beautiful pictures

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Thank you so much @Cooper_Marcukaitis, @zion89 and @JGordon 😊


Thank you for helping me out with the display @applepro243

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You’re welcome :)

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