Flying the B757 Tutorial

I have the B757-200’s Vspeeds and flap extension speeds printed at home. If anyone wants them, I can publish them in the IFC for everyone to see (the link from which I printed them has been lost in the sands of time, but I still have the PDF file).

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Awesome tutorial! Thanks, Tyler!

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Good one Tyler

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Fantastic tutorial! I’ll be using this on my way down to Skiathos this afternoon!

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Awesome video Tyler! This is going to make flying the 757 so much easier. Thank you!

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The following real values from an actual flight (B757 Climb outs - PPRuNe Forums) it actually climbs steep:

《the following information is based on a 757 at a take off mass of 88,600Kgs (Max take off mass 113,699Kgs) The flight had a full load of pax (235) and fuel for a 2hr flight.

At about 500 feet with max allowable thrust reduction the PTCH (pitch) was around 18deg FPA (flight path angle) around 13deg VS (vertical speed) around 4800fpm.

At 7000ft 250kts and 88% Climb pwr PTCH 10.37deg, FPA 6.2deg, VS 3600fpm.

At 11000ft 309kts and 94% Clmb pwr ,PTCH 6.68deg, FPA 4.7deg, VS 3000fpm.

At 24000ft 309kts 94% Clb pwr PTCH 4.57deg, FPA 2.5deg, VS 1800fpm.

At 31000ft Mach.80 94% clb pwr PTCH 4.57deg, FPA 2.7deg, VS 2100fpm.

We climbed straight to 39000ft in 21 minutes.》

These are in line with what the FCOM says.

Hey @Tyler_Shelton,
I thought’d it be cool if you could make a tutorial on how to takeoff and land in the cockpit view, not just with the 757 but with other planes too.
Even though I do practice a lot, one thing I struggle with a lot is flaring when landing in the cockpit view as I don’t have the FPV. Do you have any tips that you could give me regarding this?

This was great! Perfect amount of information and great visual cues. Definitely would love to see more for other aircrafts.

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