Flying the A380

I’ve never been able to fully master the A380 and work with its terrible physics. So how do you fly it?

I just need to know:

Takeoff (trim, flaps, speed)

Landing (speed)

Takeoff 30 trim

The A380 has to be reworked!

But in the meantime I think that a speed of 160 knots, flaps 1+F or 2 (it depends on the weight) and a trim of 20% should be fine for a takeoff without a tail strike. For the landing 150 knots

I always set my trip to 100% with the A380. It requires so much back pressure to keep the nose up that even with 100% trim when you disengage the autopilot it still dips down a little.


For the A388,

  • FLAPS-1+F
  • Trim around 20%
  • 5-10° pitch at rotation
  • 85-90 N1. Tho you can crank it up to 90-95 when very heavy.
  • Rotation is fine at 150 knots. 170 knots is enough if you have maximum weight.
  • Landing is great with full flaps and landing speed between 140-150 knots according to your weight.

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